Don't Be Blind to the Law: Legal Aspects of Healthcare

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Course Description: This course is designed to assist nurses in learning nursing liability, criminal law versus civil law, tort law as it relates to nursing malpractice, types of legal actions against nurses that would be tried under criminal law, hospital liability, red flags in medical records, nursing malpractice insurance, patients that are most likely to sue and many other questions about nursing legalities will be answered.

Instructor: Debby Mills RN, MS, RNC-OB

Target Audience: Registered Nurses or any other interested healthcare professionals

Learning Outcomes: After completing this activity, the participant will be able to:

• discuss the standards by which all nurses are judged in a medical malpractice case and the elements necessary to support professional negligence.

• compare and contrast the differences between criminal and civil litigation as it applies to nursing malpractice and the type of cases that are filed under each of these categories.

• describe how the most common sources for nursing liability apply to their current area of nursing practice.

• identify topics for special consideration by nurses for liability risk.

• recognize how hospital liability and adverse event reporting are related to patient safety.

• identify the different sources that are utilized by attorneys to support their position in a medical malpractice claim.

• explain the protection provided to nurses by nursing malpractice insurance.

• describe strategies that the nurse can implement in their current area of practice to decrease their risk of being named in a lawsuit.

Length of Course: 120 minutes

Credit Statements:

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Upon successful completion of this program, participants will receive 2.0 contact hours.

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Credit Requirements: To receive CE credit for completing this online course you must complete 100% of the material, receive at least 80% passing grade on post-test and complete the evaluation.

Once you pass the post-test and complete the evaluation you will be able to print a certificate for verification of credit.

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